84 year old woman doodles her ‘down there’.

Peggy Peggy is aged 84 and she is a strong supporter of this project.

I have spent many an afternoon with her drinking tea and practising my presentations or dreaming about teaching a group of young people about how special, unique and beautiful they are. She believes that by stepping out into the open and away from the secrecy of her childhood, she has liberated herself from the shame that past generations have tightly held onto.

She was one of the first people to donate a doodle to me for the book and has taken it so seriously that she has changed hers – three times! We got there in the end with the help of fellow doodler, Jacqui!

She wanted her doodle to represent the way her body has changed over the years – a sagging tummy, visible veins on her inner thighs and a protruding clitoris.

I am honoured to share the doodle with you today and her inspiring words that accompany it.

“From a childhood of silence and secrecy, a traumatic violation as a teen and moments of intense intimate connection with another,  I’ve  sometimes stumbled, sometimes danced along the path of my sexuality. Now at age 84, I want to tell you to love yourself and your ‘down there’ with as much confidence as you can muster. Celebrate yourself – especially as you grow older with all the  new curves and lines – you are still beautiful and unique!” Peggy, 84

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