About us

A small book of epic proportions where size doesn’t matter!

A collection of self portraits by people of all ages of their genitals especially for you to colour in whatever way you choose.

It is educational, creative and most of all, FUN.

As you colour, you will notice your inhibitions melting away and honest conversations can begin to take place about all those secret things you are sometimes too embarrassed to talk about.

Big, small, fat, thin hairy, smooth – let’s celebrate our unique wobbly bits!



The doodles were kindly donated by brave people from all over the world.

A couple drew each other.

An 84 year old woman drew hers.

A guy draw his cock for a lover in Japan as a gift.

A person with a full 70s bush surrounding their pussy.

A mother of four drew hers.

A man who was worried his cock was too big.

A circumcised penis carefully doodled.

A mother and daughter drew theirs together.

A woman who affectionately calls hers ‘An Angel’.

A person who loves the word ‘Cunt’ and uses it to describe their bits.

A woman who describes her ‘lady’ as her ‘untamed, asymmetric refusal to conform’.






photo-2Colette is a sexual health educator, researcher and writer. Her sex education as a young woman was rubbish and she experienced a lot of confusion during her early sexual encounters as a result. After 6 years of study, research and activism, she is now dedicated to providing fun, accessible alt
ernatives to the unrealistic portrayals of sex and our bodies in mainstream pornography and the media. She’s been working on this book for over five years by approaching total strangers and asking them to donate a doodle!

“Thankfully, some of them saw I was genuine and agreed! I’m so excited to be sharing this with the world. I hope that Doodle Your Down There will be coloured far and wide and that it will encourage open and honest conversations about the things we don’t normally have the chance to talk about”.



Tim Cockburn

Tim is an illustrator from Brighton working both independently
and collectively with ‘Brothers of The Stripe’.
Tim’s work takes many forms ranging from the bizarre narrative,
to clean typographic works and everything in between.
More of his work can be found at www.timcockburn.com.

‘It was a pleasure working on a topic that many people shy away from.
I wanted the artwork and the design to be fun and help people
tackle the issues that this project is all about!’


Jon is the Head Web G0075755uy at YouOnly,  a Brighton based web design firm. Jon was drawn to this project with his open and frank outlook on life, blogger and keen kinkster.

“It was something I just couldn’t turn down! And its so great when you can really see how small the world is – back in 2010, I sold my little sailing boat to Colette then 4 years later I’m working on this great project”.






IMG_0007-2This is Lou, she is our self-taught film maker. Trained as a journalist, Lou has always loved telling people’s stories. Through the lens she aims to capture, debate and celebrate the ordinary magic of everyday lives. If you have a project that you would like to promote through the powerful medium of film, get in touch at: louisamichel@btinternet.

“The Doodle Your Down There project opens up a safe and much needed discussion about our sexual selves, asking us to question why we feel the way we do. Every hand drawn doodle is a brave celebration of the beauty of our unique sexual diversity – each one no less extraordinary than the last”.