We’re almost there!!

Dear Doodle friends and supporters,

Soooo….. life in Doodle land has been quite eventful and we hit a few bumps on the road to getting the book published. BUT I can confirm today that it will be in our hands in 10 days which means that those of you who have ordered (or are planning to) will receive it soon after!

We have bright red envelopes all ready to pack them into and are so excited to hear what you all have to say once you have seen it! We also encourage you to upload your coloured in doodles and even (if you’re feeling brave) a doodle of your own ‘down there!’.

I’m Colette and I’m the initiator behind this project. I recently graduated from The School of Social Entrepreneurs and Doodle Your Down There was the result of my year long placement with them.

My hope is to encourage open and honest conversations about all the things that many of us are too embarrassed or scared to talk about – our bodies, sex, sexual pleasure and menstruation. I want Doodle Your Down There to be a platform for us all to share our stories and doodles (anonymously if you wish). The doodles that are in the book include heartfelt and honest stories that truly make them come alive on the page and entice you to interact with them by colouring them in! Some are happy, some are funny, some are quite sad but they are all stories that we can relate to and find common ground with. The doodles are all so different but each beautiful and unique in their own way – just like our actual genitals!

Be in touch soon once the postwoman delivers our first batch of colouring books! You can pre-order your copy here. We may sell out our first batch quite quickly so don’t delay in pre-ordering a copy for you and whoever you want to give the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT. EVER!

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Colette and the DYDT team.

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