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Doodle your down there
What an interesting affair
To show what you have to share
Down there
Without a care
About the hair
Or whether it's dark or fair
Or as long as a mare
Or whether your balls or lips
Are a matching pair
Do it if you dare
Do it for the fanfare
To share
Just how beautiful and rare
You are down there!

Big, small, fat, this, hairy, smooth...Who cares! Now's the time to doodle your own wobbley bits. Grab a mirror or take a photo and doodle your down there! It can be abstract or anatomically correct. Just see what comes up and express! Also this is the place to show us the doodles of other peoples' that you have coloured in. All will be approved by me and added to our homepage.
Thank you for donating a doodle of your down there! Please write below a few lines about yourself and your experience of doodling your down there.
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