Do genitals FREAK you out?

Do genitals FREAK you out?How does it feel to see so many people’s genitals lined up in a row?

Does it make you feel embarrassed?

Does a nervous giggle appear?

Are you strangely transfixed?

These doodlers have offered up personal doodles of their ‘privates’ for you to stare at!

Have a look, settle a while and carefully watch how they make you feel.

So it’s been a week since we launched Doodle Your Down There and already we’re making waves. The pre-orders are trickling in and there’s a kinda giddy excitement in the air when I talk to people about it.

I was in the print shop last week collecting some promotional flyers and a woman in the queue behind me saw the cover. She got really excited and asked could she have one. I said yes, of course she could and recommended she prepare herself before opening. She made a point of bracing herself in an exaggerated manner and by this, I presumed she knew what was coming. It all happened so quickly and there were lots of other people in the shop busy pretending not to be listening and watching. She eagerly opened it and as soon as I saw her face, I knew there was a big mistake…..

Do genitals FREAK you out?

Her whole face completely drained of colour.

Her eyes bulged out of her head.

Her mouth opened really, really wide.

She gasped a huge intake of shocked breath.

And in a teeny little voice said

Do genitals FREAK you out?

It became very clear she was totally not expecting to see a page of 30 doodles of peoples’ genitals ranging from giant (exaggerated) erections to legs akimbo fannys.


All of that happened in a split second and then she collected herself and became very very small. She looked to the ground and refused to engage with me again.

I tried to make a joke out of it and say awkwardly ‘eh… ha ha! I did warn you’ and explained that I was a sex educator but she just seemed to be waiting for the ground to swallow her up. Whole.

One of her hands swept up to cover her forehead as if to express a headache had come over her.

And the other slowly and carefully dropped the said flyer into her waiting handbag……..


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