I love my own penis, I think its gorgeous!

David, 66“When younger I was painfully shy about genitals; mine, anyone’s really.

I would nearly faint at the idea nudity, particularly bare penises.. it took ages to get over all this.  But infinitely better late than never.. I love genitals now, I can admire male and female parts and speak openly about these feelings… I love my own penis, I think its gorgeous.. particularly the corona and glans, the head, and I think it beautiful when erect.  I’ve never been troubled by all the bizarre misconceptions about size, so I didn’t have to get over that kind of thing, but its been a wonderful transformation from being embarrassed for no reason to being proud of such a thing of beauty, and to have worked towards belonging to a community of peers who openly delight in acceptance of our bodies, without innuendo or shame”. David, 66.


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