Mother and Daughter Doodle together

We were delighted when a very cool illustrator, Taylor Silk aged 19 agreed to do a doodle for us.

Her doodle is influenced by 16th century Japanese drawings of vaginas and sexual experiences. She encourages young women to not be embarrassed about their vaginas and did her doodle to inspire them.

I said yes to the doodles because genitalia are something we all share and celebrated world over.

Taylor copy

We were even more delighted when her mother, Lynne agreed to do one too!

Lynne named hers ‘Mother Earth and the Circle of Life’. As Taylor says herself “you can see it in her doodle that she is a very spiritual woman”. This doodle has had really interesting responses. Some people I have shown it to absolutely love it and others say it makes them feel quite very strange. How does it make you feel? Comments below…….



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