Pearls by Ky – A Yoni Map

Pearls by Ky“This drawing is called ‘Pearls’

It is what I call a Yoni map, from a technique I have developed called Mapping the Inbetween. I have been forever curious about the wisdom held in our cells, our bodies and in particular in our yonis or cunts. I feel it is not linguistic kind of knowledge, but resides in the felt sense; so a different kind of dialogue has to be opened for the real wisdom to be tapped. Mapping is a gentle process of aligning your attention with your body and bringing it to your centre, womb, hara or yoni, and drawing from there using the vesica piscis or yoni shape as the container for this visual conversation.
This particular map goes out from me to you and holds the wish that you find your pearls, the indestructible beauty of your own journey to the divine feminine”. 

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  1. Love the concept of ‘mapping in between’, is this something that you could offer as a guided meditation ?

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