Our vulvas are just like snowflakes!

Our vulvas are just like snowflakes!Our vulvas are just like snowflakes!

For years I was always self conscious about my vulva. Even when I lost my virginity, I was hesitant the whole time wondering if my partner was quietly judging the way it looked. It wasn’t until I had my first real heart break and talking to it with my friends where I realized that I wasn’t alone with this anxiety of how a vulva “should” look like. I began researching, reading, talking to women and noticed a uniqueness that is a
wonderful thing. The color, the size, the symmetry or asymmetry…Our vulvas are just like snowflakes and we should all embrace that. Here is a self-portrait and it is beautiful.
Colour her any way you like. Heck, you can used those scented markers if you wanted to.

M, age 25.

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